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A very common question most people have is how much does it cost to wrap my vehicle?

Before we get into that, a quick question - what did you do yesterday? Got up, probably got ready and went to work, drove your car in and parked it in a lot. Maybe went out for lunch, drove about and came back. On your way home, maybe stopped somewhere, ran a few errands? Forgot something you needed for dinner, quick run back out to the grocery store? How much time did you spend in your car? And even if you didn't drive all that far, how much time did your car spend sitting, visible, in a parking lot? Did you ever calculate how many miles you drive per week? Per month? Per year? Think about it - how many thousands of people saw your car yesterday? How many hundreds of thousands in the last few months alone?

The American Trucking Association has reported that 91% of people surveyed stated that they do notice vehicle graphics. In addition, the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement reported that a vehicle can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily. 3M has reported that a company would need to spend over $130,000 in other advertising methods to generate the exposure that a $4,000 vehicle wrap generates.

The question now seems to be, how much is it costing you to not have your vehicle wrapped?

But, lets talk dollars. The actual out of pocket cost depends on a lot of factors, mostly the size and shape of the vehicle as well as the amount of design work necessary. It's not a simple "per square foot" formula. But, to give a ballpark figure, most passenger cars (including SUVs and minivans) run about $2200-$4000, and larger vehicles like commercial vans and box trucks run about $3000-$7000. Those prices do not include other costs such as extensive custom artwork, removing previous vinyl, and specialty wraps like carbon fiber or metallic overlaminates. But, when it's all said and done, for the sake of illustration, lets say that an average mid-sized passenger car costs about $3000.

As for the second question - that involves a little math to figure out. Lets guess at a few of the numbers.

  • Your wrap costs you $3000.
  • Most vehicle wraps have a useful life of about 5 years. (It's about how long you'll drive that car anyway)
  • In a city of 50,000, lets be extremely conservative and assume that 5,000 people see your car per day. Thats about 35,000 views per week. Lets assume that of those 35,000, only one person actually calls you.
  • You're not the best salesman out there, and after that interested customer calls you, you can only close 1 out of 4 sales (25% close rate)
  • Your average sale is $600.
  • Your margin is 25%, or $150 per sale.

Now there's some data we can work with.

  • Whats my average cost per lead?
    • Since you get one lead per week, thats 52 leads per year, times 5 years (the life of the wrap). That is 260 leads. $3000 divided by 260 is $11.53. So, your cost per lead is $11.53. Compare that to other the cost of leads from every other marketing channel out there. $11.53 is cheap in comparason. If you place a single $350 newspaper ad, would that ad generate 30 calls?
  • What's my average cost per sale?
    • Your average cost per sale is simple. Since you are only closing 1 out of every 4 leads as a sale, simply multiply your cost per lead by 4. So, your cost per sale is $46.16. Would you pay $46 for a lead that generated a $600 sale? If you even have to think about that, why are you even here? :)
  • So then, what is my ROI? (Return on investment)
    • Your ROI is your ratio of profit to expense. In this case, that equals: 52 leads x 5 years x 25% closing rate x $150 profit per sale, all divided by $3000, the cost of the wrap. That works out to $9750 / $2500 = 325%. A 325% return on investment is not a bad deal for wrapping a vehicle you were going to drive around town anyway.

So, in short, how much will it cost to wrap? About $1.65 per day, or $50 per month. How much will it cost to not wrap? $10,000? $15,000? $20,000? It all depends on your average sale, your margin, and your skill at closing the sale on that lead. One thing is for certain, if you do nothing, you get nothing. Where else can you get that type of exposure for $50 per month? Nowhere.

Below we've developed a little calculator where you can enter your own numbers and play with the results to see your own ROI. The entire app runs in your browser, no data is transmitted to us (we're not trying to steal your sales info!). Plug in your numbers and give it a shot. You have to be a really bad salesman, or work really had to actually lose money on a vehicle wrap.

Wrap cost:$
Wrap life: years
Leads per week:
Conversion rate:%
Profit per sale:$
Cost per lead:$
Cost per sale:$
Cost to not wrap:$

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