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Why are vehicle wraps such a great value when your advertising dollars are at stake?

The long and short of it is, there is no other form of advertising that is as cost effective as a vehicle wrap. We've done some research into various forms of advertising (and if you've looked yourself, you likely already know the numbers) and wanted to present a chart below of various advertising methods, all sourced from the Baltimore, MD area - where we are located, to show just how much more affordable a vehicle wrap is than you may think.

  • Valpak
    • Flyer/coupon delivered via direct mail in an envelope with many other ads. Other alternatives are Clipper Magazine, Pennysaver Mailers, etc. All the same basic principal.
    • Insert size is 3.5" by 8"
    • Average cost for a decent print quality flyer is $350 for every 10,000 homes. (Source: Click Here)
    • Valpak recommends you advertise to 30,000-50,000 homes. ($1050-$1750)
    • That is for one mailing. Assume that only 80% of homes even open the Valpak mailer, and of that, only 80% of those bother to look through it closely enough to see your insert...
    • You just paid $1050 for single occurance of 19,200 people to have seen your ad. To continue advertising, you need to pay $8400 per year (Valpak sends 8 mailings per year)
    • Five year cost: $42,000
  • Radio
    • 60 second radio ad.
    • Average cost for a 60 second radio ad in Baltimore: $196 (Source: Click Here)
    • For your ad to have impact, it should be heard three times by a customer
    • To have an effective ad, it should run at least 4 times per day. To run that ad for a single week, it will cost $5,488.
    • Number of listeners that hear your ad vary with the station, time of day, etc.
    • Running the ad for only one week, every other month, for one year: $32,928
    • Five year cost: $164,640
  • Local TV ads
    • 30 second TV spot.
    • Average cost for a 30 second TV spot covering the entire Baltimore area on a channel such as ESPN? $300. You can however target a specific neighborhood with a single ad for about $20 (and be seen by a fraction of the total audience).
    • A single TV spot does not generate much interest, like radio, your ad must be seen multiple times.
    • Again, like radio, to have an effective ad, it should run at least 4 times per day. To run that ad for a single week, it will cost $8,400.
    • This does not include production cost. Writing, filming, editing, will cost on average about $1,000 for a decent 30 second spot.
    • Running your ad for one week every other month, for one year, total cost: $50,400
    • Five year cost: $252,000
  • Billboards
    • Rates vary wildly depending on location and size of ad, but in addition to printing costs, you pay rent.
    • A large billboard can run as much as $30,000 per month in a highly trafficed area, or as low as $1,500 in a lower traffic area.
    • Medium billboards can range from $750 to $2,000 per month. (Source: Click Here)
    • Many companies have a minimum purchase (must purchase 5 billboards, etc)
    • Billboards are limited to a 3 second viewing window. That is all the time most drivers get to absorb what your billboard has to say.
    • Many billboards are seen by the same people every day, driving the same traffic patterns (commuting, shopping, etc) - the billboard never moves.
    • A medium billboard, average price, assuming the advertising company allows you to purchase one billboard, for one year: $16,500
    • Five year cost: $82,500
  • Vehicle Wraps
    • Cost an average of $2,500 to $8,000 depnding on the design, as well as size and complexity of the vehicle
    • Have an average useful life span of 5 years.
    • Are seen upwards of 50,000 times per day in high traffic metropolitan areas.
    • A typicaly priced vehicle wrap will cost an average of $67 per month ($4000 over 5 years) and continually generate an average of 600,000 impressions per month.
    • No other form of advertising is as eye catching, affordable, and effective as a vehicle wrap.
    • Five year cost: About $4,000

Be sure to check out our Return On Investment calculator located here to see what money you might actually be losing by not having your vehicle wrapped.

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