But VistaPrint is cheaper!

Ok, you got us there. VistaPrint IS cheaper. IF...

  • If you only want 250 cards
  • If you're happy with your business card being one of only 42 available designs
  • If you like the colors, text styles, placement and fonts of that design
  • If you want a matte finish, 'plain paper' like look and feel to them
  • If you don't care that your business' logo cannot be on the card
  • If you're ok with the VistaPrint logo on the back, advertising for them and telling your customers that your business cards were free

So, yes, if you're happy with one of their 42 free designs, only want 250 cards, like their advertising on the back of your business card, and don't have a logo or don't care that your logo isn't on your business card, then I guess you should order from VistaPrint. I'll admit, they are a great option for 250 quick cards to get a small business going for a really cheap price.

That being said, the instant you start trying to order a real business card, the cost starts going up. Compare VistaPrint to what we offer:

 VistaPrintLaserShark Design
Premium Designs+$3.99Included
Upload your logo+$6.48Included
Full customization+$9.99Included
Back Blank+$1.99Full Color Included
Back B&W+$2.99Full Color Included
Back Color+$4.99 to +$9.99Full Color Included
Glossy+$6.49 to +$19.99Included
100lb Premium Matte Paper+$6.49 to +$24.99+$1.50 to +$5.00
100lb Premium Recycled Matte+$7.49 to +$28.99+$1.50 to +$5.00
Shipping$7.09 to $21.57+Free

Compare the following business card prices*. The following prices all assume full color front and back printing, standard 14pt cardstock, glossy UV coating, with total control over the look and style of the card, including your custom logo:

Qty:VistaPrintLaserShark Design

Who has the better value? Contact us today to get your design started!

* Prices are based on VistaPrint website sale prices as of Feb 2012, and average pricing for LaserShark Design business cards using generalized options. Extra charge for extensive graphic work. Basic graphic design is included.

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